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  “The author has written a wonderful book about her life with her husband, and his turtles . . . I learned a great deal about turtles, but I think, for me, I learned more about loving another person . . . love for turtles, cats and your mate (not in that order) makes this book a keeper!” —Marie's Read.

Dear Reader,

     What if your spouse loved turtles almost as much as he loved you? What if he (or she) filled your living room, kitchen, bathtub, and even your refrigerator with turtles? (The ones in the fridge were not alive.) Most people would flee for the hills or file for divorce. Not me.

    Confessions of a Turtle Wife explains how and why for more than 20 years I've stuck to my marriage vows through thick, thin and turtles ad infinitem. It’s the story of how to handle your relationship with your significant other, no matter what crazy thing they’re into.

     There’s a lot to laugh about in the trials and tribulations of this turtle-challenged marriage!

All my best,
Anita Salzberg

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