Confessions of a Turtle Wife
By Anita Salzberg

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What in the world is a “Turtle Wife”?

A turtle wife is just like a football or golf widow — except the operative word is now “turtle.” The Turtle Wife’s spouse is totally obsessed with/fixated on/passionate about nature’s shelled wonders.

There are a surprising number of us, and we put up with a lot from our significant others. For instance, while the football, golf, and baseball widow gets dragged to the stadium, the golf links, or the ballpark, the turtle wife spends untold hours at the pet store, the reptile expo, and . . . sigh . . . even the pet wholesaler.

In response to all the turtles residing at, visiting, and parading through my home, I wrote Confessions of a Turtle Wife, the story of how I learned to live with and love a man who loves turtles. It all began on a visit to the Bronx Zoo, when my husband Allen rediscovered one of the deepest joys of his childhood. To learn more, read Chapter 1.

* Football and golf widows, basketball and woodworking wives … and anyone whose significant other is significantly “hobby-challenged” … will also have a good time here!

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Readers’ Responses to Confessions of a Turtle Wife

  “It's wonderful. It took me back to the days when our Greek tortoises used to spend the entire winter in front of the fire in the cottage, sleeping in old slippers and occasionally emerging for food.”

— Terry Pratchett, author of Small Gods

  “I heartily recommend Confessions of a Turtle Wife.”

— Linda Goldston, San Jose Mercury News

  “I LOVED THIS BOOK! I guarantee by the time you finish this hilarious, educational, and positively charming book, you’ll realize it’s not about turtles after all. It’s a cosmic New York love story — a guy obsessed with chelonians and the woman who falls in love with him . . . and his turtles.”

— Elaine Stundell, freelance journalist, New York City

  “ . . . a joy from beginning-to-end. It is a rare gift to be able to describe the precious moments of our lives as Anita Salzberg has done. There are songs that touch our hearts and this is a book that works the same magic.”

— David Krughoff, author of Anna my green friend

  “Warning: Proceed with caution when reading this book in public. You will gasp, cry, and laugh so hard that people may question your sanity!”

— Laura Murphy

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