Ask Turtle Wife!

Turtlewife Anita Salzberg

Have a question about how to live with a turtle-obsessed mate?  Take a look at the responses below, then e-mail Anita with some of your own. Feel free to send in a longer story and Iíll post the best/funniest additions and “turtle wife tales.”

You know your significant other is a turtle lover when ó

  • She buys the freshest greens and choicest cuts of meat not for the family, but for her turtles.

  • Your kids can't understand why everyone doesn't keep turtles in the basement.

  • He hooks up the TV in the backyard with a 24-foot extension cord so that he can watch the ballgame and the turtles at the same time.

For the non-turtle challenged:

Does your significant other partake of an unusual non-turtle-related hobby?  Tell us about her/his hobby that drives you crazy.  If suitable, we'll reprint your story on this Web site, edited, if necessary, for content and length. 

Sick Turtle?

If you are having health problems with your turtle, my advice is to call a qualified reptile veterinarian right away!  For a list of reptile vets, go to